Cosmetic remedies eco-sustainable

5 active ingredients that make up the totality of the formulation




Born in the tradition, grown by science

CLO’’’cream is composed by extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, zinc oxide, lipophilic nettle extract and lavender essential oil.

The decrease in materials, or the ‘’cosmetic degrowth’’, and the return to the importance of the substance more than the appearance, make the Oli-fit products safer and more effective.

The Oli-fit ingredients are selected and obtained from small producers in Basilicata (Italy), and are processed a few kilometers away from the place of collection.

The formulation has also been validated by Fabrizio Zago, responsible for Eco-bio control (Italian eco-bio certification centre).

This product represents a 100% natural solution to restore a physiological condition of the skin after damages of various types: skin cracking, redness, itching, inflammation (generated by eczema and mild psoriasis), burns and insect or jellyfish bites. CLO '''plays also a role in regulating the balance of the skin's microbiota by reducing the proliferative index of pro-inflammatory microbes without damaging the beneficial microbes on the skin.