Eco-sustainable cosmetic remedies

Oli-fit Ltd is producing cosmetic products that are functional, ethics, eco-sustainable and that are linked with the concept of ‘’cosmetic degrowth’’.

The intention of the company is to provide products that are to be active, eco-friendly and consisting solely of active ingredients.

The cosmetic degrowth is based on a process adopted by Oli-fit. The process is focused on the valorisation of the therapeutic natural substances that have to be used in their integrity and in the necessary concentrations without resorting to the use of chemical additives and without having an infinite list of ingredients. 

The formulations have been defined in order to include substances that have a clear and scientifically demonstrated cutaneous benefit. Each component of an Oli-fit product is an active ingredient, in fact the list of INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is greatly reduced compared to the cosmetic products we are used to.

The cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil was processed in Basilicata. The nettle plant has been collected in the neighbouring areas and the leaves were selected manually. The beeswax was obtained from small local beekeepers. The entire production process took place in Basilicata (Italy).